Saturday, February 6, 2010


We are the first ever Twitter band, we rock all over the world using the internet and social media to help us raise awareness for animal charities and animal-related philanthropic organizations. Our mission: We're Rocking the World, One Charity at a Time! We'd lub to help your organization, so please contact us and let us know how we can rock with you to change the world.

We love our fans! Da Shibbering Cheetos would be nothing without our fans! Please email us using the "Contact Us" tab or directly at, we read and respond to all fan mail.

As our leader @MattieDog says: "We Lub U!" So, lets all share in da lub and together we can make this world a better place for everyone!


  1. Dis group is amazing!!! You'll be going platium record for sure.

  2. Pixel & I are Shibbering Cheetos Groupies. As such, it is our responsibility to attend all concerts and scream and cheer for the band. Some fainting and swooning may also be in effect from time to time. In addition, we bring our pole dancing skills to entertain the band whilst they travel.

  3. Following wherever you go! Your #1 groupie and adoring fan!

  4. I think this is the coolest band ever! If you ever need a roady call me!

  5. Cheeeeeeeeeeeetooooooooooooooooos!!!! smooooch smoooooch smoooooch smooooooch!!!!! pant pant pant pant *reapplies bacon chapstick* Smoooooch! Smooooch! Smoooooch! Smooooooch!!!

  6. I want to hear "One eyed One legged flying purple pantie eater" someday at a performance. I love you guys so much thanks for making me the PantiePatrol master. @indykitty



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