Da Shibbering Cheetos

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The Shibbering Cheetos History:
It all started with @MattieDog sending out a YouTube video that showed him wearing his orange jammies.  The video showed he was trying to get inside his cabin because it was cold and snowy outside, and he was shivering, so much so that his little body shivered and shivered uncontrollably. When @TrailerParkDogs saw the video they said "U look like a shivering cheeto" and then, because he has a little speech impediment, Mattie said, "I B a shibbering cheeto!" "Dat's a great name for a band," said TPDS. And as they say.... the rest is history!

Watch the Making of Da Shibbering Cheetos on YouTube!
Da Shibbering Cheetos

@MattieDog, Lead Singer and Band Leader

@TrailerParkDogs give us our rhythm with Coco on keyboards and Goose on drums

@BrutustheDane plays the bass guitar

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