Backstage Crew

Da Shibbering Cheetos are only as good as our backstage masters. Meet them here.

@tigerthepup is our head roadie. He makes sure we sound good and look good.

@tigerthepup is assisted by intern roadie @thebrindledog. Rafiki is on the sound board and grip. Rafiki is so eager to learn and works so hard. He has a great future with the band.

Da Shibbering Cheetos are managed by @HanktheDoggy. He lines up gigs and manages to make sure that the band gets where it needs to get. He can be  reached on his I-Bone or by pee-mail!

Our lead singer @mattiedog and the rest of the band is protected by Winston of @PushUpsnPaws. Nothing gets pass him except haute groupies. And just feeding him raw buffalo testes is a big expense to the company but he is worth every ball.

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